Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your FAMILY and the WORLD is a HEALTHY you” – Joyce Meyer

At A Glance:

Have you ever wondered…
” why can’t I lose weight?”
even when you’re doing everything right?

Keep reading to find out WHY and HOW this happens…also theres a quick infographic
checklist to give you quick tips on how to get rid of stress weight gain!


  1. The Silent-Epidemic

    that is destroying your hormones and aging your skin faster and faster.

  2. Chronic Inflammation.

    What is it? Why is it so bad? And how to get rid of it

3. The Secret Health Mineral

that almost 250 MILLION are deficient in… and how you get more energy!

The Silent Epidemic – Chronic Stress

Have you ever wondered why the number of diseases continues to grow year after year? Our first main cause of the Silent Epidemic begins with the rules and laws of our cultural system. We live in a society where almost everything has been designed to harm instead of help people.

For example, why is it so expensive in order to eat organic and healthy meals compared to the heart-attack dollar menus on every street corner?

Which inevitably leads us down a slippery slope… And now people are forced to settle for the easy and cheap (also disastrous) meals…

And I suspect this next statement will be somewhat controversial…but I believe it MUST be said…

Another glaring cause of the Silent Epidemic is… the insane amount of time spent glued to our technology. A former Facebook executive recently shared his thoughts on the growing problem Watch here!

Chronic Stress is Skyrocketing Your Cortisol Hormone!

Chronic stress is skyrocketing your cortisol hormone through the roof! Many people don’t know that high cortisol levels equals ZERO weight loss. It can even lead to WEIGHT GAIN! This is because your chronic stress hormones make your body crave food to cope with your stressful environment.

For example, have you ever been super organized in your diet and workouts… but you still struggle to lose your unwanted fat? Blame high cortisol.

Have you ever tried sleeping 8 hours a day and did everything right… But you still feel exhausted all the time?

Blame high cortisol.

So, Why Do I Have High Cortisol?

Chronically high cortisol is the result of some kind of constant physical or mental stress.

This could be crying babies, long commutes, or rude coworkers… or ALL THREE…

The point is, stress is all around us and always will be.

Your body reacts to these stressors by pumping out cortisol to keep you going when times are tough.

The real problem is when we can no longer handle the amount of stress in our lives. When we can’t handle the stress…we can no longer RELAX. When we can’t relax…our bodies begin to breakdown and age faster!

So What?

So, your chronically high cortisol forces your body to stay in “Flight or Fight” mode.


According to researchers from Louisiana State University, chronically high cortisol makes people eat more, and sleep less!

If you’ve ever noticed yourself gain weight or get very bloated when you’re stressed… this is why. To make matters worse, a recent study from John Hopkins University stated that people could be 50% MORE likely to become OBESE when they slept less than 5 hours a night!

Add in a poor diet…too much screen time…and no relaxation…

And what do you get? A downward spiral of never-ending fatigue and disease that can be difficult for anyone to get out of.

Can I Fix It?

Good news is… yes you can! It is very easy to forget that everything we do in our day to day lives has a direct effect on our overall health.

So order to simplify things I’ve created a super simple checklist to follow.

Check it out!

stress relief checklist

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