Massage Therapy and Beauty Treatments

Our Expert therapist uses over 10yrs of experience to personalize treatments to your needs.



Stress Relief

RELAX Signature Massage


Perfect for women who would like a one of a kind experience!

Aromatherapy Massage


Perfect for those who want to add a tropical touch to their experience!

Swedish Massage


Perfect for women who just like things plain and simple!

Hot River Stone Massage


Perfect for women who want to experience the deepest relaxation we have to offer!

Corporate Chair Massage

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Advanced Cupping Therapy


Perfect for keeping up with the hottest trend in massage therapy!

Deep Tissue


Perfect for women who just like things plain and simple!

Prenatal Massage

woman facing up during massage

Prenatal Massage


Perfect For Expecting Mothers Who Just Need A Relaxing Experience!

Prenatal Massage
Anti-Aging Facial Massage


Perfect For Women Who Are Interested In A Fully Rejuvenating Experience From Head to Toe!

Prenatal Massage + Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub


Perfect For a Relaxing, and Detoxifying Massage Experience!

Pain Relief

Trigger Point Therapy

Perfect for active  women who have pinched nerves or very tight muscles!

VIDA Pain Relief Pulse

Perfect for women who have chronic pain and want NATURAL relief!


Complimentary Skin Analysis Included for Each Treatment

15min Mini Facial


Perfect For Quick and Easy Treatment to Fit Your Busy Schedule!

Express / Acne Facial


Perfect For Cleansing Dead Skin Cells Causing Acne and Premature Aging!

Anti-Aging Facial


Perfect For A Rejuvenating Experience Giving You a Beautiful Glow!

Guess What?


  • Frisco, Tx
  • Mckinney, Tx
  • Carrollton, Tx


  • Affordable $59 per Month
  • ENDLESS Stress Relief
  • 30% OFF Additional Treatments!
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