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RELAX Signature Massage



The RELAX Signature Massage features:

  • Hot Towel Treatment
  • Coconut-Infused Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub

This special massage treatment involves gentle touch manipulation of your muscle tissue from your neck to the bottom of your feet.

This full body treatment starts with the use of a hot towel treatment on your back and finishes with a relaxing Coconut infused Himalayan salt foot scrub that detoxifies your body!

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Enjoy a One of A Kind Experience!

  • Perfect for One of a Kind Experience
  • Swedish Massage
  • Hot Towel Treatment
  • Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub
  • Superior Detoxification

Cupping Therapy



Did you know that
Cupping Therapy
is an ancient healing remedy that has been used
for over a thousand years?!

Our Advanced Cupping Therapy treatment is done with expert-designed silicone cups.

Treatments begin with a quick body assessment to determine
your most troubling areas.

The cups are placed on to your problem areas
and are used to slide around your body in slow gentle waves.

These slow gentle waves allow the cups
to work their magic in releasing super tense muscles!

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  • Perfect for Keeping Up With New Trends
  • Get Rid of Annoying Cellulite
  • Detox from Stagnant Toxins in Body
  • Breakdown Scar Tissue

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Swedish Massage



  • Perfect for Gentle, Relaxing Experience
  • Better Flexibility
  • Breathe Easier and Fall Asleep Faster at Night

Deep Tissue Massage



Are Tight Shoulders Causing You Headaches and Pain?

If so…Deep Tissue Massage may be right for you!
Designed to remove severe tension, deep tissue massage is
a technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface.

It helps to improve range of motion and heal injuries
by improving blood flow to these achy areas.

It is most popular with our clients who need relief
from chronic stress built up in their shoulders and neck

Deep tissue massage therapy solves this problem by actively releasing their tensed muscles
so that clients can finally feel some relief!

If your tight shoulders are causing you pain…
Book Now and Get Rid of The Pain!

  • Perfect for Achy, Tight Shoulders and Back
  • Faster Recovery from Daily Stress
  • Helps Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Injury Relief

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Hot River Stone Massage



Have You Ever Experienced Relaxation So Deep You Never
Wanted to Get Out of Bed?

Our Hot River Stone Massage begins by carefully heating silky smooth Basalt Stones.

Then the stones are covered with nourishing body oil or our Pure essential oils.

Many have never experienced the therapeutic effects of heat used to relax muscles deeper than ever before!

Used as an extension of the therapist’s hands, the use of massage stones induces deep relaxation and provides a unique experience many find to be tremendously calming and centering.

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Enjoy a This One of a Kind Relaxation Experience!

  • Perfect for Quickest & Deepest Relaxation You'll Ever Experience
  • Melt Away All Stress & Tension
  • Heated Basalt Stones
  • Swedish Massage
Why Choose Compelte Women's Wellness?
  • Certified Professionals
  • Over 10 Years Experience
  • Clean, Comfortable Location
  • Located Inside CAMPUS Legacy West - Right Off 121

Located in Plano TX inside the CAMPUS Legacy West complex. We strive to provide the best Facials Plano TX!

Our esthetician uses over 10 years of experience in Massage and Beauty treatments to provide you with truly customized treatments! 

We take the safety of our clients very seriously and advise all clients to seek medical attention for skin conditions. We do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions.

Stress Relief Reviews

"I tried the cupping therapy and was surprised how good i felt afterwards! i cant remember the last time i was so relaxed i fell asleep during a massage I love that her office is inside of a medical center, very professional overall i am very happy with my experience! thank you leticia!"
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Tranquil and relaxing environment. Leticia was able to accommodate my needs to make me more comfortable. I left feeling relaxed and refreshed. The hot towels were a big plus too.
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Wow! I'm so happy to find Leticia. She is awesome at deep tissue massage. I definitely will return to let her work out the knots in my back and neck
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