Complete Guide to Cupping Therapy

Complete Guide to Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy in Plano Tx

30Min | 60Min

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By Leticia R.

Complete Guide to Cupping Therapy

Learn More About Our Advanced Cupping Therapy in Plano Tx.

You’ll find out how you can benefit from cupping therapy, which is one of our Stress Relief treatments!

Always remember everyone deserves to be Happy, Healthy and STRESS FREE!

At A Glance:

  1. Cupping Therapy  has been used for hundreds of years for its healing benefits!
  2. There are a few widely believed myths related to cupping…not all cupping is the same!
  3. While there is not much scientific study supporting this ancient healing treatment, it is still very popular among professional athletes all around the world!

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Hundreds of athletes, including many of the best Olympic athletes, speak very highly of this therapy.

In ancient Chinese culture, and many parts of modern China, cupping is still a very widely used remedy for all sorts of ailments.

Many believe that the wet cupping method is useful for releasing toxins and opening clogged chakras throughout your body…similar to acupuncture. It also of course will do a great job of improving blood circulation along the treated areas.

Wanna know a little secret?

You don’t even have to be an athlete to benefit from this treatment!

By bringing in healthy, fresh nutrients to injured or specific trouble areas of the body, cupping therapy
can help relieve muscle tension
that builds up from sitting for long periods of time or having little activity during your day.

Don’t worry,

Whether you spend your days glued to a desk chair or like to knock out some weekend workouts…you can also benefit!

Now, you might be wondering…

How is this different from a regular deep tissue massage?

During a deep tissue or Swedish massage, a therapist is
 pushing and
kneading your muscles into submission.

Cupping therapy rather lifts and expands the skin!
This is also very useful in relieving some chest congestion!

Many of our clients notice a huge relief that allows them to breathe easier!


Can Cupping Get Rid of Pain?

This research article,
Less Pain Study,
describes that cupping
“…physiologically it activates the immune system and stimulates the mechanosensitive fibers, thus leading to reduction in pain.”

Here is another scientific study showing how people had
LESS low back pain with just this treatment alone!
(Chinese medicine for neck and back pain)

Did you know that some of our clients use this therapy to get full-body lymph drainage benefits?

This means that it could really help those who are suffering from highly inflamed trouble areas.

The increased blood flow is very beneficial to remove waste and toxin buildup to help the your body speed up its healing process.

Can Cupping Help Digestion?

Not only is the suction and extra nutrients helping your back and legs, it also helps stimulate your REST & DIGEST systems.

This of course can help you if you’re suffering from constipation or irregularity.


Myths About Cupping

Here are a couple quick myths about Cupping Therapy.

All Cupping is the same

  • There are a few versions of cupping.
    For example, one form where clients are first poked with needles will supposedly allow a
    glass cup to suck out “stagnant” blood from specific areas of the body.
  • We DO NOT perform this type of cupping.
    Complete Women’s Wellness only performs what is called a “dry” method, but without any flammable components.
  • We repeat, there are NO flames involved with our version of this therapy

Not only is the flammable treatment potentially DANGEROUS… there really is no added benefit to using that method.

Our Advanced Cupping Therapy is a modern take on the ancient healing practice that uses silicone cups to gently provide a pulling sensation to your achy muscles.



For many, the first time they found out about this therapy was after watching Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Phelps, show up with numerous giant purple dots all over his body.

Those that have never had this form of  massage therapy don’t know that these large bruises are not always a part of the treatment.

At Complete Women’s Wellness,
RARELY will any of our clients experience those dark “bruised” circles as the cups are actively being moved along the body at all times.

This prevents the cup from being in one place for too long and causing that irritated bruised look.



Does it actually hurt?

The truth is as long as you are relatively healthy, with no serious injuries, cupping does not hurt or cause more pain.

Rather…many people often try this therapy to get RID of pain!

Have you tried trying Cupping Therapy before?

Cupping Therapy Plano Tx

What to Expect During Our Cupping Therapy Treatment

  • Our ADVANCED CUPPING THERAPY is a very safe treatment with no fire or flammable objects involved.
  • We NEVER perform “wet” cupping, which involves blood letting from your muscles.
    We also NEVER let our clients experience those ugly bruise marks from leaving the cups in one place for too long!
  • You always have the right to speak up when the treatment feels painful or uncomfortable….
    We will work with your needs!
  • Treatment is never done on open wounds or new injuries.

Complete Recap

  1. This treatment is an ancient remedy that has been used for generations!
  2. Cupping Therapy is a little known secret for calming achy joints and muscle pain and getting rid of nasty cellulite.
  3. This is different from a deep tissue or swedish massage because instead of pushing on your muscles, this treatment lifts and opens up your body to bring in healthy nutrients and oxygen! This is EXTREMELY helpful to reduce soreness and built up tension in your aching body.

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