Are Massages Good For You?

Are Massages Good For You?

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By Leticia R.

Are Massages Good For You?

If You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers!

Keep reading to find out how massage can help you happier, and healthier!

At A Glance:

  1. What Is Massage Like?


  2. Is Massage Good For Me?

  3. How Do I Find a Good Therapist?

Everybody, DESERVES a life free from pain and stress!

Here at Complete Women’s Wellness we find that many times
women are confused about how massage helps them.

Today, we will dive deep into a few reasons why regular massage therapy is so good for YOU!


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"Does Massage Hurt?"

"Will massage make me skinnier?"
"Are massages good for you?"

This is a quick list of a few questions we’ve received from women who want to learn more about
how massage therapy works.

Some women feel too uncomfortable or
hear stories of raunchy, unprofessional therapists and decide
massage therapy is not for them.

Unfortunately, many women would agree…they are missing out.

What are they missing out on exactly?


Here is a quick list of just a few reasons why massage is absolutely wonderful
for you physical, mental and emotional health.

Have you ever spent a
long day at work, slaving away at your desk…
and you feel the slightest
bit of pressure building on your forehead?

That right there is a full blown headache
attack waiting to hit you
when its least convenient.

But guess what?

Massage could be the answer to getting
rid of these annoying STRESS headaches.

How Does this Work?

Well truthfully, it depends…

If your headache is the result of slight impingements in your back and shoulders…

You would benefit MOST from a Trigger Point style massage that aims to
gently but forcefully knead out the nasty knots causing you pain.

If your headache is the result of too much stress, 
low energy and not enough rest…

or commonly known as CHRONIC STRESS

You would benefit MOST from one of our highest-rated therapies, known as,
the RELAX Signature Massage.

This massage therapy was designed specifically to get you in such a deep RELAXING state of mind.

Many women often fall asleep half way through and never want to leave the massage table! 😄

FINALLY being able to unwind and
have peace of mind is so extremely important
for your body
that once you’ve reached this place…
your body actually releases FEEL GOOD hormones!

MASSAGE FOR…Weight Loss?

That’s right.

If this is news to you…
you should take a look at why women begin to
gain UNWANTED fat
as they age.

Did you know that CHRONIC STRESS
can actually lead to WEIGHT GAIN?

When I first researched this…I was first surprised but it all makes sense.

Here are three ways chronic stress causes weight gain…

  • Drastically increases YOUR appetite for high fat, high sugar comfort foods.

  • Makes us hold onto FAT

  • Zaps all your energy…getting rid of your WILLPOWER to make happy, healthy choices

Now, massage is not the only thing you should do to get rid of CHRONIC STRESS
But it is a good first step!

Want to learn some QUICK & EASY ways to avoid the nasty STRESS Weight Gain?



Now if you’ve gotten this far…you may be
wondering how in the world am I
supposed to find a trustworthy therapist?

Truth is there is no sure fire way to find the best therapist.

But here are some EASY tips to find the best therapist around you.

  • Which therapists are highest rated?

This is pretty much a no brainer, and also the easiest to figure out.

BUT wait…what if they have FAKE reviews?
Your only option is to ask some questions.


  • Is the Therapist Certified in Specific Therapies (Prenatal, Oncology, etc.)

This shows you exactly how experienced and knowledgeable a therapist is.

Certifications give you a glimpse at how seriously a therapist is about their
giving their clients the BEST service.


  • How Many Years Experience Do They Have?

This one is very important as EXPERIENCE can make or break your treatment session!

The last thing you want is to spend $80 per hour for a massage with a therapist who:

  • Doesn’t know what they’re doing

  • Is unprofessional


If you live in Plano, or any of these surrounding cities
(Frisco, McKinney, Carrollton)
Complete Women’s Wellness meets all of these criteria!

We have multiple FIVE star reviews with so many wonderfull women explaining how
our expert therapist helps them improve their health!

We’re also certified in Prenatal and Oncology Massage.

This means that we have studied and done the work to give a specially designed treatment
that fits your needs as a soon-to-be mother!


Massage Therapy has been found to balance pregnant women’s hormones and also benefits the baby too!

At Complete Women’s Wellness, we have OVER 10 years of massage experience and have met so many wonderful women!

It gives us such great joy to see the how much better our clients feel after their treatments!

Did you know that  ALL first time clients get
50% OFF
their first treatment!

Look below for a link to our treatments pages!


  • P.S.

If you have any questions about treatments, where we’re located or whatever…

Message us on facebook!


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