8 Benefits of Prenatal Massage

8 Benefits of Prenatal Massage

By Leticia R.

8 Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Reduced Swelling in Legs and Feet

Many expecting mothers soon discover that pregnancy can change their body quickly.
So, its important to understand what changes and why.

During pregnancy your blood volume doubles as your body is trying to give PRECIOUS oxygen to you and your baby. (1)

If you’ve noticed your legs, ankles or  feet are a bit SWOLLEN all of a sudden, this is most likely the reason.
Guess what?

This is absolutely normal but if you notice symptoms of preeclampsia please seek medical attention as soon as possible.

To learn more about Preeclampsia Read Here

Your higher blood volume is exactly why our expert Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist recommends
all prenatal massages are done laying sideways.

This is the best position not only for your comfort but also to help healthy blood flow to your baby as our therapist slowly and gently kneads your most annoying trouble areas.


Most pregnant women carry their stress in their neck and shoulders.

So what does this mean?

It means that our prenatal massage techniques  increase blood flow, which is very beneficial in reducing swelling that builds up in the legs and feet.

The benefits of prenatal massage don’t stop there!


Decreased symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Don’t worry you’re not the only one who gets a little down and out during pregnancy.

Your body is transitioning to bringing a brand new life into this world and sometimes this can lead to some mood swings.

But news flash… this is normal and more than okay!

Its important to find ways to relieve your stress so that when you feel feelings of anxiety or depression you have a plan to get rid of them QUICK.

We should understand not to take things like depression lightly.

In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, it is estimated that over 4o million people suffer from some form of anxiety or depression-like symptoms. (2)

READ MORE: Are Anxiety and Depression Caused By Chronic Inflammation?

Did you know massage can reduce stress by up to 80% according to our clients surveys?
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Thanks to new research and so many wonderfully helpful people, we now know that your body releases
FEEL GOOD hormones when you get a massage!


These FEEL GOOD hormones, such as serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, help fight back against CHRONIC stress and inflammation that may be causing your anxiety and depression-like symptoms.

Did you know that massage therapy has been PROVEN to help BALANCE women’s hormones! (3)

Our professionally designed massage techniques give YOU immediate health benefits by reducing inflammation, fighting back pain and balancing your stress hormones! (3)

Less stress hormones for mom can IMPROVE newborn’s health

Short term rises in stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are normal in everyday life even while you’re pregnant.

The problem is when this stress becomes CHRONIC…and stays elevated for too long!


The feeling of constantly being on edge all the time is NOT HEALTHY for expecting mothers.

Or anyone for that matter.
Do not let your stress linger as this can be EXTREMELY dangerous for the future health of your child!

The more CHRONIC stress you have during pregnancy the HIGHER the chance of your child developing mental or physical ILLNESSES like, ADHD or cardiovascular disease, as they get older.

You may be asking yourself, so how do I get rid of stress?

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The answer is very SIMPLE.

And thankfully you were made to be a strong, independent woman to overcome whatever stands in your way!

Below is a quick list of stress relief tips you can try right now!

Massage Therapy for Stress

There are many ways to get rid of CHRONIC stress in women.

Ideally, we should all seek natural stress relief especially when pregnant.

This way we can avoid any NASTY side effects from anti depressants or other dangerous drugs!

As we mentioned earlier, the right massage therapy could be VERY helpful in getting rid of your STRESS.

Other modalities like

  • Meditation
  • Breathing Exercises
  • High-Quality Supplements
  • 5 minute Daily Stretches
    also come in handy ladies!

For some EASY stress relief tips to keep your body smiling


Click HERE!

Quick and easy relief from back pain and discomfort

woman lying face down during massage

Lower back pain is no joke ladies.

Pregnancy can sometimes make this worse!

If you’ve never tried getting a massage to get rid of low back pain…you have no idea what you are missing!

Being able to finally sit back or walk around without pain is so invigorating that it brings us new ENERGY to take on our busy days!

If you are like most women, you may carry this debilitating stress in your shoulders and neck too.
Massage therapy is PERFECT for kneading out those annoying aches and pains.

Better sleep after getting rid of pain, stress and anxiety

When we walk around with lingering pain, or brutal stress and anxiety…we are being dragged down and drained of our precious energy.

Sometimes those annoying aches and pains can even stop you from getting GOOD, RESTFUL sleep.

Public Service Announcement

We all need to get good sleep. No ifs, ands or buts.

When we NEGLECT our sleep…we open the door to an infinite amount of
and Anxiety.

Always remember…

More Sleep.
Less Stress.
Happy Life.


Less muscle tension means less tension headaches and migraines.

Sometimes you work too much.

Sometimes you get way too stressed out.

And many times you end up noticing a full blown headache attack waiting to hit you
when is least convenient.

But guess what?

Massage could be the answer to getting rid of these annoying STRESS headaches naturally.

How does this work?

Well, it depends…

If your headache is from slight impingements in  your back and shoulders, those impingements are may have trapped nerves and pinched them causing very uncomfortable pain.

Massage Type Perfect for You: You would benefit MOST from our Trigger Point massage that aims to gently but forcefully knead out those nasty knots causing you pain.

If your headache is the result of too much stimuli (work, too much technology, rude people, long commutes, etc) and not enough rest…
or commonly known as CHRONIC STRESS…your body is crying out for help!

Your body knows when its had enough and it tries to tell you this in many different ways…most often migraines and pain.

Massage Type Perfect for You: You would benefit MOST from the RELAX Signature Massage.

This is one of our most popular therapies!
The SECRET is combining:

  • an Invigorating Hot Towel Treatment,
  • a Detoxing Himalayan Salt Foot scrub
  • and professional massage techniques designed to help give you lasting RELIEF from your pain and stress!
Better flexibility

If you’ve been noticing yourself getting a bit too stiff during your pregnancy…this could be leading to random muscle pains.
If you can devote at least 5 minutes a day to a QUICK and EASY stretch routine, you will immediately notice a huge difference in the way you feel and look!

Massage therapy can also help knead out some pinching knots that are keeping you stiff and dull!

This can help improve your flexibility and help your posture as well.

Treating yourself is important to enjoying your pregnancy journey

This is your journey.

This is a brand new experience to learn and enjoy.

You’ll spend countless hours reading and googling all sorts of questions.

At some point the only thing you can do is sit back and know deep down that you can do this!

You may find that people are willing to help you more than ever before.
Don’t feel guilty in accepting their good deeds and remember to treat yourself along the way.

If all women knew the benefits of prenatal massage, we believe there would be a lot more happier new moms!

Remember you are the one on this journey, you deserve to be


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