4 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep At Night

4 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep At Night

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By Leticia R.

4 Reasons Why You Can't Fall Asleep At Night

Did you Know that Not Getting Enough Sleep Could Lead to Obesity?

Keep reading to find out how I finally figured out how to sleep better at night with a few simple tips!

At A Glance:

  1. Reduce screen time from computers, phones and TV at night!
  2. Have a solid night time routine to get your body accustomed to building a good sleep habit.
  3. Eat my largest meals earlier in the day rather than later in the day. Crazy health benefits for this!
  4. Get rid of vitamin and mineral deficiencies to boost your health and energy!

Last Night It Finally Happened

I was finally able to get a good night of sleep for the first time in months.

Keep reading to figure out some quick and easy tips you can use to get to sleep faster.

And finally feel oh so oh good the next morning.

Being a health professional…some people expect you to have all the answers and always be in tip top shape…

Unfortunately, this is not realistic.

In reality, I’m just like everybody else.

Sometimes I have problems falling and staying asleep.

Sometimes I get a bit cranky after a long string of tough days.

I’d even start questioning my own rules and “healthy” lifestyle…

sometimes I’d ask myself,

why am I always so tired “?

My point is that stress will always be a part of our lives.

It only becomes a real danger when we fail to manage it and take time to refuel our batteries.

tired woman

In regards to my poor sleeping habits, I have always had a recurring issue from time to time where
I struggled to get a good night’s rest.

I wanted to put the blame somewhere else, but deep down I knew I’d be lying to myself.

A few of my bad habits include:

  1. Too much screen time at night – I often found myself Being constantly glued to my phone reading tons of articles,
    watching funny videos when I should have been getting some sleep.

  2. Lack of strict night-time routine – over the last few months celebrities and professionals have been sharing their morning routines
    which people just cant get enough of.

    Night-time routines are basically the same thing and I realize now that they provide similar benefits to body.

  3. Eating after 9pm – If you research how our ancestors used to live their lives, you start to see a common trend.

    This trend being that most people back then hardly ever ate big heaping dinner meals late at night.

    Scientists are now discovering that this practice is indeed
    a very healthy habit as it actually helps you LOSE WEIGHT!

    Read more about how high blood sugar causes more than just diabetes!

  4. Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies – Last but not least, another reason I was struggling to get a good nights sleep had to do with a very dangerous deficiency in magnesium.

    I never realized how important magnesium is for the body until studying ALL of the hundreds of things magnesium does to
    help our bodies stay happy and healthy!

1 - Unplugging and Relaxing

So…you might be asking yourself…
”whats the big deal about being on your phone at night?”

Truth is…it’s a really big deal.

Such a big deal in fact that even Apple took a stand and added a “Night Shift” feature to all of their new device updates some time ago.

Check out More Here

Doctors now have been yelling from the top of rooftops to stop being on computers or phones at night time!

Why Is Blue Light Bad?

I’ll put this very simply.

Normally, when the sun comes up in the morning, the blue light from the sun wakes you up as your
body releases brain chemicals and hormones
that help you get out of bed and ready for the day.

Once the sun begins to go down your uber smart body starts to make different hormones to help you fall asleep fast and easy.

The REAL problem is when you’re constantly
exposed to artificial light during the night time.

This confuses your body into thinking its
still day time and stops you from getting
sleepy like its supposed to.

The brain normally releases the hormones
Melatonin and Serotonin
which are responsible for actually making you
sleep deeply throughout the night.

You’ve probably heard of the hormones Melatonin and Serotonin
before and
for good reason because without them
working right you begin to suffer from extremely annoying insomnia and restlessness, sometimes the effects can even lead
to over-eating and anxiety.

Rather than listening to our bodies and staying
away from phones and tv screens late at night…
we decided to fight back against mother nature!


The number of “blue light blocking glasses” have
been all the rage over the last year or so as they
claim to be able to offset the horrible effects
of blue light.

There is one problem though…
Truth is the real high quality brands
look kind of dorky and a little wonky.

Long story short…
I decided to jump in and buy a pair of these glasses and
to see what would happen.

First off, I really only use them at night…
in the privacy of my own home.

But I have noticed a big difference
in how well I feel at night before going to bed.

I’ve found it to be especially useful for the eye strain I
USED to get from being stuck working on a computer
for long periods of time.


Also, always remember to stand up
and walk around for a bit if you’ve
been sitting for long amount of time!

2 - Make a Night Time Routine

Over the last year or so the popularity of  celebrity “morning routines” has skyrocketed!

I will admit it is interesting to learn
more about what makes super successful people
tick and how they live their lives.

I often believed that success leaves clues
and you can learn so much more from a successful person
than you ever could on your own.

This is when I ran into numerous interviews on
very distinguished doctors
and their take on “Night Time Routines.”

So, now after being convinced that night time routines are
the real deal, I have a strict night time routine
that I believe keeps me much more organized
and helps me unwind for the day.

This first part was inspired by an article I
read on a concept called “brain dumping.”

Read more here | Brain Dump

First, I always find my note pad to write down
all of the things I need to get done the next day.

It is very much like a release of the day’s stress.  

Seeing EXACTLY what needs to be done rather than running in circles the next day trying to remember everything
is very useful for those who aren’t extremely organized…like me.

The next thing I do relates to the previous topic about blue light.

Instead of talking more about that…
I’ll just say very simply unplugging from
technology is essential for me to get
deep relaxing sleep at night.

3 - Stop Eating By 7pm

Often known as a form of Intermittent Fasting.

Now before people start freaking out…
I do not do this every night.

I simply try to do it as often as possible,
which turns out to about 5 days a week.

What really matters is doing the right things MOST
of the time and going easy on yourself at least once a week
to keep your sanity.

Now the most important reason I started doing this is because of the serious dangers
from high blood glucose at night!

What do I mean by this?

For example, when a healthy person eats food their bodies
send out insulin to pick up the nutrients in the  blood
and lowers our blood glucose.

But, with people who constantly eat all the time,
are diabetic or eat too much during less active times…
the insulin response doesn’t work as well.

This means your body is
less insulin sensitive during evening hours.

In these cases your high blood sugar
stays high throughout the night and causes you
to gain weight very quickly.

But Why Does Eating Late Lead to Gaining Fat?

The reason for this is because once your body’s circadian clock realizes it is night time,
it lowers your metabolism and starts prepping
you for sleep mode, instead of active fat burning!

So, in short this is what happens:

  • You eat a high calorie meal late at night which spikes blood sugar very high.
  • Your Lowered metabolism and less active body leads to prolonged blood sugar floating in your blood stream and
    could lower your insulin
    sensitivity where your body has to
    pump out more insulin to pick up the nutrients.

    If this happens too often it can end up causing diabetes
    and a whole lot of other problems. (1)

  • Having large meals when you’re not
    active during the night causes your body
    to store the food you ate as fat instead of
    burning it for energy!

This means that eating your biggest meals,
which have the biggest insulin responses,
during the day gives your body a chance to
use that food as energy for you to lose weight!

It really is that simple.

Just always remember.

High insulin sensitivity is good.

Low insulin sensitivity is bad.

And eating in the evening is bad
for weight loss and causes you to store the
food you eat as annoyingly ugly belly fat.

Guess What?

Doctors even say it really does NOT matter what you eat…
mostly when you eat!

“Practicing intermittent fasting has intrinsic benefits regardless of what you eat.”

4 - Addressing Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

One of the most important things I’ve done to help me sleep better is to make sure my body has
all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Recently, I wrote about why the mineral
Magnesium is often considered the
Greatest of All Time
nutrient for your body…
especially women who get easily stressed!

RELATED: Do Magnesium Deficiencies Cause Cancer?

Two ways I make sure to ALWAYS get enough magnesium daily
is to take the best magnesium supplement
I could find or taking a relaxing,
hot bath with Magnesium Chloride
flakes every other night.

Quick heads up…
the magnesium baths have given me some VERY vivid dreams!


Every day, I always make it a priority to get enough protein in my
meals as I have noticed many women neglect this!

“But won’t a lot protein make me gain too muscle?”

The answer is a big fat…No.

Most if not all of the big, bulky muscle women you see are actually taking steroids to help them build their body’s like this.

This is what women look like when they lift weights without steroids.

woman working out

For those that don’t know…women have very little of the hormone,
which is largely responsible
for growing big muscles.

In all reality, working out and lifting weights
is so important for women to stay
healthy that every able body woman should
be getting out there lifting weights and exercising!

Complete Recap

  1. Stay away from bright tv and phone screens at night so that your body can finally wind down for a good night’s rest.

  2. Keeping a strict morning routine can be very beneficial in staying organized and reducing stress and so can night time routines.

    Make sure to get a quick brain dump to get rid of all those stressful thoughts on your mind.

  3. Stop eating by 7pm at least 5 days of the week to make your body a super lean fat fighting machine!

    This does not mean eat LESS food…
    but to consume all your normal meals before 7pm to
    lose weight and sleep ten times better at night!

  4. Don’t take your health for granted and get rid of anxiety,
    pain and protect yourself from
    cancer by getting enough magnesium either through supplements
    or magnesium chloride baths!

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